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Dive Trips

We run two exclusive dive boats for diving and snorkelling to get away and explore the reefs and wrecks of Samae San and Pattaya’s islands in Thailand with Pattaya Dive Centre. Visit near and far islands where we have something for everyone and site for all level of diver.
Each Trip includes 2dives, equipment, drinks, snacks, lunch and divemaster


Dive Courses

You can never stop learning and expanding your dive skill! We train all levels from discover scuba try dives to coaching you to dive independently in open water to pro and technical levels.
Wanna try? Want your PADI licence? Want to get more serious about your diving skills.

Let us train you to become better, safer divers!


Become a Pro

Join The Tribe! The Go Pro dive tribe! Wake up every morning & WANT to go to work! Become a PADI Dive master or scuba Instructor & lead dives, help people take their first breaths underwater, live and work around the globe, live a divers life everyday! Check out our Go Pro explorer packages and change your life forever! Stop dreaming, start living!


Technical Diving

The deeper you go, the better it feels! Do it deeper for longer! When one tank just isnt enough! log some bottom time in Pattaya with our TEC diving team, We run a full PADI Tec Deep Diver Program and we also run exclusive Tec dive boat trips for certified advanced and technical divers to deep reefs and wrecks around Pattaya & Samae San as well as other parts of Thailand.


Recent News

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STUDENT UPDATE: Steven Adventure Diver Certification

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Go Tec

Go Tec

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