Any trip to Thailand would be incomplete without visiting and diving Pattaya! Only little over an over from Bangkok you can find a place to go dive in the sun and take scuba diving trips around islands with Pattaya Dive Centre. We will whisk you away on dive Pattaya or snorkeling Pattaya trip and let you enjoy the underwater tranquility.

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Come Alive – Lets Go Diving Pattaya Reefs and Wrecks! There is So Much To Explore!

If you are thinking about a chance to go scuba diving in Thailand you should make a stop and come diving Pattaya and explore the Thai Gulf up north. Whether you are an experienced diver or a first time try diver you can dive Pattaya. You can enjoy scuba diving around the islands off Pattaya  and Samae San all year around. Keep in mind Pattaya dive centre can still visit coral reefs and wreck sites when all other scuba dive locations in Thailand close for the monsoon season! Pattaya diving is a hive for Hawksbill Sea turtles which can be found on certain dive sites with 90% certainty! The Macro Life in ways of Nudibranch and Seahorse is also very popular.
The Weather is always warm and sunny even when we it rains and the water temperature very rarely drops below 30c. Visibility conditions can vary at different times of the year, being so high up in the Thai Gulf the Islands here don’t receive a full tidal exchange to make for crystal clear waters daily,  that said though, on a good day the visibility is as good as 20m and you can find as good a selection of interesting aquatic life here as anywhere else scuba diving in Thailand.

Diving Pattaya Thailand Scuba Dive Sites Map

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When Diving Pattaya Where Are The Dive Sites Located?

Diving in Pattaya can be separated into three distinct diving areas. You will find many uninhabited islands perfect for scuba diving off Pattaya’s coast line, the closest area is known as the Pattaya Near islands surrounding Koh Larn, the second closest dive sites for diving pattaya are known as the Pattaya Far islands near Koh Rin, and finally just under 1hr down the coast, the most secluded sites can be found diving out of a small near by fishing village named Samae San.
Each Diving site offers lots of different dive opportunities from relaxing coral bay dives with shallow coral reefs edged by sands perfect for a quick muck dive excursion while some area of the reefs fringe off deeper and beg to be explored. In addition to the protection of the bay dives, more experienced divers may opt to join on a drift dive where the waters will carry you across larger expanses of reef and soft corals and get your interest tickled similarly to deeper Pattaya shipwrecks, which you dont want to miss out on because Pattaya has some of the best wreck diving in Thailand.

With three of our own dive boats; Nautigirl (from Pattaya) and Sirens of The Deep (from Samae san) Lady Go Diver II, Our newest, fastest boat, probably the fastest dive boat in Pattaya. We run trips to all three areas, each boat is well maintained and equipped and makes a good average time to the diving site from approx 30min to 1hr 30min depending on the distance of dive site location.

What Can I See When I Dive In Pattaya?

Regular aquatic sightings whilst scuba diving Pattaya include: giant hawksbill sea turtles as well as greenback turtles, which if you dont know are not so common anymore when diving Thailand. You should try Pattaya Diving is you like great Macro life because the water conditions and reefs here are perfect for Nudibranchs, seahorses not to mention pipe fish, indian walkerman and shrimp! You will always find some Clown fish here because of a large stock of anemones whilst Angel fish, Bat Fish and barracuda cruise the blue. On the other hand, if critters are your thing then Moray eels, Octopus, Cuttle fish are often sighted together with Puffer fish, trevally and sting ray to name only a few of the other daily coral reefs inhabitants. Check Out Our Pattaya Sea Life Blog for More information and pictures here



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