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Thailand Diving Pattaya Far Islands Koh Phai

Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Phai
Location: The northernmost of the Far Island chain.
Conditions : Between 5m (16ft) to 10m (33ft).
Average depth: 10m (33ft)
Maximum depth: 18m (60ft)

The lower reef-slope is highlighted by many soft coral; these are neither as radiant nor as large as they could be but still very nice, having been restricted by excessive siltation in the water , although much of the silt is redistributed by the currents present during northerly winds and spring tides. The reef is fairly typical of the area. It is frequently punctuated by sponge-encrusted rocks and large mounds of lesser and greater star corals, occasionally split by clusters of smaller, less hardy corals. The hard corals tend to dominate the shallower water: coral laminates form terraces that descend to deeper-water areas where long, spiraling sea whips are embedded among larger rocks.The marine life is fair and varied. Familiar reef inhabitants parrot fish, wrasse and puffer fish, sea horse, damsels and giant clams are always present. Away from the reef, juvenile snappers, jacks and fusiliers and mullets repeatedly pass by.

Thailand Diving Pattaya Far Islands Koh Rin

Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Rin
Location: The large islet at the bottom of the Far Island chain
Conditions: between November and March this site has very favorable conditions, when a year-round Visibility of 5m (16ft) increases to 15m (50ft) 
Average depth: 7m (23ft)
Maximum depth: 18m (60ft)

A steadily sloping reef falls more dramatically as it heads south; it consists of fallen rocks covered with a few foliaceous corals. However, it does improve as it steepens towards the south western headland, and a higher percentage of corals slowly begin to dominate the rocks to a depth of 12m (40ft), where you find sea whips and black coral bushes. The diversity of marine life around the reef is above average for the area, with many examples of Harlequin Sweet lips, snappers squirrelfish and lion fish. Communities of Magnificent Anemones, Three-spot Dascyllus, basslets and chromis are restricted to the rocky ledges. Neptune Barrel Sponges lodge among the crevices or are inhabited by moray eels and a range of invertebrates. The shallow bay is absolutely perfect for snorkeling, many coral mounds that are heavily pitted by bivalves and plume worms, with, between the mounds, Black Sea Urchins and small cowries shells.


Thailand Diving Pattaya Far Islands North Rock

Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: North Rock
Location: A small rocky outcrop 8km south of Koh Man Wichai. The dive circumnavigates the outcrop.
Conditions: Can have strong currents but offers shelter on each site.
Visibility: 5m (16ft) and 15m (50ft).
Average depth: 9m (30ft)
Maximum depth: 15m (60ft)

This is one of the area’s better sites. The corals, mainly patch corals, being subject to strong currents from both directions, the south tip has large rocks and a sandy bottom. Along the east shore the plate corals drop steeply then bottom out at around 10m (33ft) then small boulders are scatter over the sea bed, covered in whip corals, soft corals illuminate the sea floor. Often you will find small gray bamboo sharks resting under the large rocks. The northern edge has varied corals over the reef edge with sandy bottom, look under the larger coral heads as there are many morals. Although there is a small shallow reef of coral laminates. In deeper waters, away from the rocks, there are a few areas of sea whips, to which cling feather stars; below these, in the rubble, are colorful nudibranch. Reasonable sightings of pelagic Barracuda, jacks, trivializes and the occasional school of tuna are fairly regular, so the site is not entirely without attractions.

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