Scuba Diving For Beginners! Lets Begin With a Dive In Pattaya

Its fun and easy to learn to dive in Pattaya so lets take a look at whats involved in first time dive courses and certifications and one day discovery try dive experiences.

Learn to Dive in Pattaya Dive CenterScuba Diving Courses: Getting Your 1st PADI Dive License

When People talk about taking Scuba Diving Courses or getting your ‘PADI’ they are talking about The PADI Open water Diver course, a 3-4 day program that fully trains you to dive independently. We recommend people start from Open water diver. However maybe you don’t have 3 days? If so you can certify as a PADI scuba diver in 2 days. This is part 1 of the open water diver course and it allows you to get your foot on the ladder of certification by allowing you to dive with guidance in shallow waters until you have the time to complete part 2 for full open water diver certification.

Have you Started your Scuba Diving Courses else where already? Perhaps you are looking for a PADI Open water Diver Referral Course. This is for those who have completed the Classroom and confined water pool sessions already and simply need to complete the open water dive segments of the PADI Open water Diver Course.

Need To Knows: Discover Scuba First Time Try Dives

Now, if your not looking to immediately get certified and simply want to try scuba diving then the PADI Discover scuba diving program is just for you! This is a one day try dive program with one basic training and reef diving experience for anyone older than 10 years old and in reasonable health. This program runs everyday here at Pattaya Dive Center and we can show you the dive of a lifetime on your scuba diving holiday!
(If you are between 8-10 years you can only try the PADI bubble maker) If you decide after this program you would like to get certified then this program can count towards your PADI certification.

Save Time On Your Holiday and Complete PADI eLearning Before you Arrive!

Studying for scuba diving courses can be a drain during your holiday time! why not complete all the training videos, knowledge questions and quizzes at home before you come? There are so many options to do this with using PADI eLearning. You can also complete the full online study segments using the PADI iTouch, alternatively you can do part study using the PADI ebook.

Please follow a link below for all the information you need on learning to scuba dive

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