Learn to dive in Pattaya and get your first scuba diver license with Pattaya Dive Center!

Whats Involved In PADI Open Water Diver Course?

So you have decided to learn to dive and become a PADI Open Water Diver in Thailand! Pattaya is a great choice for scuba diving lessons! Our PADI instructors have more than 1000 dives each here and their experience and expertise will help you to combine dive theory and water skills as you master all scuba dive skills & safety procedures you learn during your diving lessons. When you learn to dive in Thailand, it trains you to dive in warm tropical waters whilst you achieve the famous PADI qualified diver bench mark of achievement. This life time license can be achieved directly through this program without prior training or experience.

What Does It Mean To Me?

You will be fully trained and qualified to dive 18m with a dive buddy independently

Training Overview:

All PADI courses are self study with instructor development. Before you learn to dive in Thailand You study the basics before the course begins and then your instructor can focus on developing your area of weakness or misunderstanding. Please contact us prior to or during the booking of your course so you can select the best pre-course study method. (Touch App, ebook or eLearning) this is by far the best way to complete your PADI Open water Diver study and maximize your relaxation and fun time whilst in Pattaya.  Alternatively you can collect a hard copy manual at least 1 day before your course start date and study it in your hotel room to get ready to start.

Your PADI Open water Diver Course is comprised of 3 Parts

Part 1 – Dive Theory Knowledge and Academics

You have three different options complete your Theory knowledge and academics segments please state your desired learning option when booking your scuba diving lesson with us.

 Touch App – PADI Open Water Diver Touch on your iPAD/Tablet.

The PADI Open Water Diver  Course Touch App is the best digital training material available to date! It transforms the PADI Open Water course touch into a truly interactive learning experience. This works for all IOS and Android devices but is best experienced on a tablet sized device. When you dive deep into your PADI Open Water course Touch app, you’ll:

  • Learn the facts and concepts needed to prepare you for PADI Courses confined and open water dives.
  • Watch all the training video clips about learning to dive and the world of scuba diving.
  • Take progressive self quizzes to test yourself
  • Save yourself holiday time and get straight into the fun part.. the water!

The best part of the touch app is that once downloaded,  you don’t need an internet connection so you’ll have the flexibility to learn anywhere at any time..  however, need to go online to take the quizzes and access your online eLearning record once you have finished. Download the PADI Library application now for Apple iOS and Android to experience an introduction to the Touch. Then, start learning by contacting us to access and activate your content. Once you complete the PADI Open water i-Touch you’ll be straight onto your quizzes and ready tho hit the water in no time at all!

eBook – The PADI Open Water Diver ebook

elearning online PADI Scuba Certification PattayaThe PADI Open water Diver Course ebook, is an online version of the original open water diver PADI Course text manual. you receive a code to register online and then you can read and study the book online before you start the course whilst also completing your knowledge questions. This knowledge is then reviewed and reinforced with videos training sessions at the dive centre before your instructor gives you some quizzes and an exam to complete your academic training. This option gives you access to an online version of the open water manual book for life which is always kept up to date!

PADI eLearning – PADI Open Water Diver Course online learning Program

PADI elearning Open Water DiverThe first and original digital online diver learning platform, The PADI elearning program gives you total access to all training materials online! You can complete your studies at home on your laptop or personal computer before you arrive using our PADI elearning program and you’ll be ready to hit the warm waters of Thailand once you arrive with only a brief revision quiz session with your instructor. The PADI elearning differs from the ebook in that it allows you to view your open water training videos online before you arrive.

Part 2 – Shallow Water Confined Skill Training Sessions:

PADI Open Water Diver Confined Pool Scuba Lessons PADI Courses Thailand The confined water sessions consist of 5 skill sessions taught in a swimming pool, or the shallow sandy area of a near island beach. This will teach you the necessary skills and safety procedures to be able to go onto the Open Water.

Important performance requirement: Watermanship tests during this session will assess and evaluate your ability to perform a 10mins float test and either a 200m unassisted continuous swim or a 300m assisted swim using mask, fins and snorkel. # if you are a none swimmer you can still learn to dive by completing the PADI Scuba diver course allowing you to dive to 12m under direct guidance of a PADI pro until you have mastered your swimming.

Part 3 – Getting Down There! Apply What You’ve Learnt On 4 Open Water Dives

PADI Open Water Diver Finding Nemo PADI Courses ThailandHere is where you will put the theory and the shallow water training into practice. The open water sessions consist of two surface sessions, and four dives in the sea at a local coral reef island where you will be able to rehearse some training and enjoy some fun diving. During this you will also be getting comfortable with the ocean whilst scuba diving around Thailand’s beautiful reefs.

Complete All 3 Parts Comfortably and You Will Complete Your PADI Open Water Diver Pattaya Dive Center Style!!

Course Schedule / Duration:

8:30am till 5pm everyday a new course starts. Class size consists of one to four students for all classroom, pool and open water sessions. Usually, the course can be completed in 3 days although a fourth day may be required since this is a performance based course. We will seek to meet your time and schedules as best we can, this said, please plan and arrange enough time to help us to meet your requirements.

Certification Requirements:

Minimum age 10 with ability to follow simple instructions, leading to you showing control, comfort and mastery in your dive skills. A 200m swim unaided without stopping is also required with a float for 10 mins.


Inclusive of full scuba diving equipment,
2 boat trips including lunch / refreshments
Includes a free diver log book

Course Price with ebook: 14,000 baht

Course Price with itouch or eLearning: 13,000 baht

Training Materials / Certification fee:

Option 1 – O/W PADI iTouch / certification fee = 4,800baht
Option 2- O/W PADI eBook + certification fee = 2,800baht
Option 3- O/W PADI elearning + Certification fee = 4,800baht