Hin Yai and Hin Chalam Special Dive Trip Deposit


Try something a bit different and come pinnacle diving at Hin Yai and Hin Chalarm.

Hin Yai is a underwater Pinnacle whos top is 14m below the surface and tappers off to about 25-30m at the sandy edge. Coral over hangs and small caves to explore this site is a nudibranch fest and macro dive delight whilst you can also find some moray eels and keep an eye on the blue for schooling bat fish, great barracuda and eagle rays.

Hin Chalarm is a far island samae san site with shallow reefs and wall drop offs.. nudis , turtles, clown fish and barracuda are regulars here aswell as some rare sights unique to this dive site.

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Product Description

Hin Yai and Hin Chalam Special Dive Trip

Deposit 1,500Baht

Cost and Booking

Total Price inc equipment ::: 3,900baht

Total Price with own equipment ::: 3,400baht

Advanced Open water recommend or refreshed / experienced divers
(due to air consumption and buddy team dive plans. Dives 14m to 25m)

Reserve your place with a 1,500baht deposit Pay in full on day or before departure. Nitrox 32%, Flash Lights &Dive Computer Available for extra.
Please ask. Limited places available on boat 10 Divers Max.