Diving Pattaya Thailand Dive Sites Guide

Everything you need to know about Diving Pattaya Thailand Dive Sites and all the dive sites close to Bangkok. Infomation about Coral Diving, Wreck Diving and Aquatic Life included

Pattaya Near Islands Thailand Dive Sites Thailand Dive Sites Pattaya Near Islands Thailand

The closest and easiest diving in Pattaya. Approx 30mins from Pattaya Beach lay three islands which contain many reef areas to go scuba diving, The Nearest is Koh Khrok, Then Koh Sak and Koh Larn. These islands have some of the highest Hawksbill Sea Turtle population across all other Thailand Dive Sites.  Read More About Pattaya Near Islands

Pattaya Far Islands Thailand Dive Sites Thailand Dive Sites Pattaya Far Islands Thailand

Hard to Believe you are only a few hours from Bangkok when you see the Pattaya islands for the first time. Approx 60mins from Pattaya Beach lay 6 more islands which contain many reefs and small rock pinnacles to go scuba diving around…Koh Rin, Koh Phai and Koh Man Whichai are some great sites but this is only to name a few, The Pattaya Far islands are amongst some of the most beautiful of the Thailand Dive Sites you can visit and are home to the very 1st Shipwreck artificial diving site in Thailand, The HTMS Khram . Read More About Pattaya Far Islands 

Samae san Islands Thailand Dive Sites Thailand Dive Sites  Diving Samae San Islands Thailand

Approx 30mins from Samae san fishing village lays a little piece of paradise – Very very few tourists get out and about these islands. Pattaya Dive Center are lucky to have one of our own boats exclusively for dive trips in this area. Around the islands of Koh Chuang and Koh Chan lay sloping reefs and white sand beaches.Pretty awesome visibilities most of the year and also home to the world famous shipwreck from WWII, S.S Suddhadip AKA The “Hardeep” Read All About Samae San

Wreck Diving Pattaya Thailand Dive Sites

Thailand Dive Sites Best Wreck Diving Pattaya Thailand

Just and hour outside of Bangkok Pattaya diving offers four of the best shipwrecks that Thailand Dive Sites have to offer! Wreck diving to these dive sites is within recreational dive limits (30m or less). Many more shipwrecks lay in the Thai Gulf if you have the training to reach them. HTMS Kut. HTMS Khram, HTMS Mataphon and S.S Suddhadip AKA The “Hardeep” however can be enjoyed by experienced recreational divers either holding an advanced openwater certification or training to that level Read more on The Best Wreck Diving in Thailand

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