Let Us Help You Find Good Pattaya Accommodation

Looking For Pattaya Accommodation?

Book Pattaya accommodation early to get the best rates and choice. then you can relax whether you are you visiting Pattaya for the weekend from Bangkok? Travelling around Asia and stopping by the experience one the most talked about cities in Thailand, if not the world? Or you looking to find some good coral diving and snorkeling close to Bangkok or seeking adventurous shipwreck diving without going all the way down to southern Thailand?  Whatever the reason, Looking for somewhere to stay in Pattaya or even knowing where to begin looking for Pattaya accommodation can be difficult.

There are Many Different Kinds of Accommodation

Pattaya accommodation offers everything from top class Hotels to budget hostels and nice reasonable, clean rooms and guesthouses are all over. Far to often, when someone is contacting us regarding a Pattaya Dive Trip or Learning to Dive Pattaya they will ask us “Can You Recommend Where To Stay In Pattaya?” With so many different budgets, tastes and styles of room and accommodation available here, we decided to try and help you decide where to stay in Pattaya when visiting Pattaya Dive Center.

Pattaya Accommodation Choices – Location, Budget, Quiet, Lively…

Below you can find information on all the Hotels, Rooms, guesthouses with different budgets that are close by to Pattaya Dive Center in the best central location without being too quiet or too lively with links to Agoda so you can book now and relax as well as get the best possible price for your room. So just take a look at our Pattaya accommodation recommendations within walking distance of us and beach road and discover Where To Stay When Visiting Pattaya.

These Pattaya accommodation recommendations are based on their near proximity to “Central Pattaya” and Pattaya Dive Centre, the main beach road, which includes lots of restaurants, massages, shopping centers, street food and markets and bars. These recommended Pattaya Rooms are not located in the south of Pattaya, near the famous walking street which is a little too far to walk from the dive center and can be quite noisy.

High End Pattaya Accommodation

Hilton Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaThe Hilton Pattaya
This high end Pattaya hotel, part of the Central Festival 6 storey Mall on the Beach Front Road, is located in the heart of the city overlooking Pattaya Bay and is
less than 10mins from the Dive Center.
Marriott Resort & Spa Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaThe Marriott
The Pattaya Marriott Resort/Spa
is a luxury hotel and it overlooks
the beach and is surrounded by lush tropical greenery. You are
right next door to Royal Garden Plaza and little more than 5min walk along the beach road from our Dive Shop
Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaHotel Baraquda
Located in central Pattaya next to the Avenue Shopping Plaza, this unique Pattaya boutique hotel demands attention with its bold and slick design & resort style facilities. Less than 10mins walk from us

3-4 Star Pattaya Accommodation

The Stay Hotel Rooms Where to Stay PattayaThe Stay
This really is a great Location
half way up Soi 10 from Pattaya beach road, very centrally located and less than 5mins walk from
the Pattaya Dive Center
Page 10 Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaPage 10
Again Soi 10 in the middle of Central Pattaya, Page 10 is only minutes walks from shopping, eating and entertainment and of course our dive center.
Sea Me Spring Too Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaThe See Me Too
See Me Spring Too is ALSO on Soi 10, this street is packed with quality accommodation and places to stay in Pattaya Central. Trip over and you’ll land at our dive center 

Budget Pattaya Accommodation

Sawasdee Sea View Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaSawasdee Seaview
This Pattaya Budget Hotel is also
situated on the Pattaya Beach road Soi 10, of Places to stay Pattaya, Soi 10 is a great one
as its just next to our dive center! 
Nautical Inn Hotel Rooms to Stay In PattayaNautical Inn
A well keep and perfectly located Pattaya Hotel, right in the middle from all shopping, restaurants and entertainments. 2mins away from dive center.
Natural Beach Baan Sila Hotel Rooms to Stay PattayaNatural Beach
Offers private balconies with nice size rooms, Natural Beach is just a moments walk from Pattaya’s beachfront as well as our dive center
Boss Suites Hotel Rooms to Stay Pattaya Boss Suite
This hotel is a 2nd rd secret gem 2mins walk from Tipp plaza
market by our dive center you would walk straight past unless you knew it was there. This
Is a great location, great hotel, great choice.

Flipper Lodge Hotel Room to Stay PattayaFlipper Lodge
Prides itself on a home feel like stay, you’ll enjoy your service
and room here, Soi 8 it also a
hive of activity in itself just on your doorstep although the hotel is situated in the middle so not
too close, but not too far away either!

Asia Backpackers Hostel Budget Rooms to Stay PattayaAsia Backpackers
This is low budge traveler hostel, although we receive mixed reviews about it we featured it as the cheapest option, however even with a small budge a nice hotel room is affordable in Pattaya also! Less than 15mins walk from dive center.

Cant find the Pattaya Accommodation You Like? Lets Make It Easy

Here is Pattaya in its entirety. here you can browse through all hotels and their descriptions in the area near and far to find exactly what you are look for then check out their availability. Lets make it easy!

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