Learn to Dive Pattaya Thailand Dive Courses With Pattaya Dive Centre

Learn to Dive Pattaya Thailand. We Offer The Full Range Of PADI Dive Courses. Beginner, Advanced, Specailty Dive Courses & Technical Diving here in Pattaya. Close to Bangkok, We Are A Perfect & Easy To Find Learn To Dive Location.

Learn to Dive Thailand PADI Beginner Dive Courses Pattaya

Learn To Dive with the Pattaya Dive Center, Through our 5star PADI IDC facility you could learn to dive to 12m in as little as 2days, or get your full 18m PADI within 3-4days, we start beginner and entry level PADI scuba diving courses everyday from discover scuba try dive programs to your full PADI open water diver certifications. You can even start PADI elearning online today with a PADI e-book or iTouch App!


Learn to Dive Thailand PADI Advacned Diver Courses Pattaya

You can never stop learning and expanding your dive skill! Advance your experience beyond PADI open water diver certification and take the first steps towards progressions that can lead you to higher professional and technical diving levels.
Want to Improve? Want your 30m PADI licence? Want to get more serious about your diving skills. Let us advance you to become a better, safer diver!


Learn to Dive Thailand Pattaya PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Specailty courses are designed for you to expand your knowledge and skills whilst exploring new things within scuba diving. Each course is between 2 to 4 dives and conducted over 1-3 days depending on the specialty. Learn to use enriched air nitrox, get deeper, explore wrecks, learn to photograph or perhaps use two tanks?… The opportunities are endless! 5 PADI Specialties credit towards Master Diver rating!


Learn to Dive Thailand PADI Technical Diving Pattaya Courses

The Apex of scuba diving is technical diving.The deeper you go, the better it feels! Do it deeper for longer! All jokes aside, this discipline is no joking matter. entering the technical dive world is not for the faint hearted and dedication is not expected, its demanded, by the depths of the oceans your train to explore! We run a full PADI Tec Deep Diver Program and exclusive Technical diving expeditions.


Padi - The Way The World Learn to Dive

Padi – The Way The World Learns to Dive

Why Learn To Dive In Thailand?
Why Choose Pattaya Dive Centre?

Learn to Dive Pool Session Diving Pattaya ThailandWe have being committed to the PADI diver training program for over 20 years during which time we have enjoyed helping thousands to learn to dive. Scuba to us isn’t a job, its our passion!

As a PADI 5Star IDC Dive Centre, we pride ourselves on giving you the best attention and guidance whether you are a first time or experienced diver. We provide quality, well maintained scuba dive equipment and 1st class experienced instructors ready to train the full range of PADI diving courses available.

Worried About Safety? Dont be.. Scuba is a perfectly safe activity, sure, going underwater may have inherent dangers but with correct training, expert guidance you really don’t need to be worried.

In the extremely unlikely event we had any issues our PADI Instructors are fully trained Rescue divers, experienced in dealing with emergency situations and all carry an up to date Emergency Responder First Aid and Oxygen use certificate.

danWe are Pattaya Dive Centre support DAN Asia-Pacific (DAN AP). The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a global network of not-for-profit, member-based, dive safety organisations working for the safety of all divers through education, research and training. Also Our Dive Boats are fully equipped to international safety standards. Not many dive boats in Thailand can say that.

Who Are PADI?
(Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

PADI Learn To Dive ThailandPADI are the worlds largest diver training agency and certify more people to dive each year than anyone else, not only in Thailand, but around the world.

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI scuba certification card  will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.

With more than 133,500 PADI Professionals and more than 6,000 PADI Dive Shops and Resorts operating in more than 180 countries and territories you will be joining the largest scuba family on the planet!


Who Can Learn To Dive? Is Scuba Diving Difficult?

Anyone in reasonable good health and over 10 years old can learn to dive and get a certified dive license. Scuba diving isnt difficult, anyone can follow the basic and simple safety guidelines and be taught how to become a safe proficient PADI scuba diver or Junior Diver, whilst under the close supervision of one of our fully trained, experienced PADI dive instructors.

Your Training and Education

Learn To Dive - Discover Your Next PADI Scuba Course

Learn To Dive – Discover Your Next PADI Scuba Course

Meet New People, Learn New Skills, Discover New Places! when you become a scuba diver and join the scuba family you do so to embark on an adventure! Dont forget this! Whether you are already certified or not take a look at the chart on the right and you will see there are many courses to get involved in giving you the chance to gain experience and build your skills as you go.

Don’t stop with your first certification! You may have your scuba dive license once you complete open water but the best teacher is experience and getting involved in more courses WILL improve your diving skills and open new opportunities within your diving.

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