PADI Sidemount Diver

What Is Involved In PADI Sidemount Diver Course?

PADI sidemount Diver CourseIn the Beginning, You learn as a diver to carry your gas on your back because that was the norm. Since then Side mount configuration has evolved from Cave and penetration diving fields and is establishing its uses for all types of diving!
With the side mount configuration nothing weighs on your back anymore. You have more gas which whether you are making a recreation or a technical dive it basically means you dive longer, safer and easier. You can really take advantage of your NDL limits on EANx and it gives you your first real insight into the world or Cave and Tech Diving.

What Does It Mean To Me?
pattaya dive centre Sidemount training course

  • Learn how to configure, equip and manage the use of twin side mounted gas supply’s
  • Learn about more detailed gas management and dive planning techniques
  • Learn to master a range or finning control and proper use technique
  • Learn experience how to hand gas failure and gas sharing beyond the realm of your rec training
  • Learn better trim and buoyancy control


Course Schedule / Duration

Can start course any day, 2/3 Day / 4 Dives
Day 1 : Knowledge Development class room presentation and Pool Training Dive
Day 2 : 2/3 Open-water Dives on the boat
Day 3 : Special Option – You can chose to spread the course over 3 days and include an extra side mount fun dive allowing you to perfect your skills and extend your experience. The option will incur and half price fun dive fee.


PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
Minimum age 15


Inclusive of full equipment, boat trip (1 confined water session + 3 O/W dives)
including lunch/refreshments
Local Price: 12,000 baht


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