Join Us For a Diving Internship and Live The Dream In Thailand

Your PADI Diving Internship In Pattaya Thailand

Where it all begins…

After you sign up and you get to Thailand, you will find that Pattaya is a very open and active city with plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained. It is also the most internationalized city in the whole of Thailand making it a perfect based for anyone adjusting to Thailand as you can find many Western influences blended with Thai culture here to help you adjust and keep you happy. Like shopping, cinemas, Bowling, nightclubs, fast food chains etc.

What you will be doing

You will be staying in central Pattaya, each day you will be diving and training side by side with working PADI professionals to build your skills to a level of a PADI Professional. On your days off you can relax and enjoy as much of the activity and excitement Pattaya as you can handle.

Our diving internship packages include:

  • PADI Open Water Diving Program
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diving Program
  • Emergency First Responder Program
  • PADI Rescue Diving Program
  • Master scuba diver training
  • All Required dives for chosen level, either 50 Master Scuba – 60 Divemaster and 100 Instructor
  • Professional level training with GoPro Explorer Option if you chose it (Divemaster or Instructor)

We have Master Scuba Diving Internships, Divemaster to Dive Instructor!

Take the first step towards professional training by becoming the best of the best recreational divers! Mastering all recreational level training with our PADI Master Scuba Diver Internship. In doing so you will achieve the highest none professional diver rating, the black belt of scuba if you will, which will make you a better, more proficient well-rounded dive professional in the future. In itself, MSD does not qualify you to work as a PADI Pro but is ideal for you if you want to excel in your dive skills and build dive numbers experience and knowledge whilst living the scuba diver life in Thailand. After all, as a Dive Pro, you may teach some of these courses so we find it’s very beneficial for candidates to take them first increasing experience and confidence down the road.

Divemaster Internships Thailand

The Divemaster Internship is a little longer than the stand-alone course and gives you so much more experience as you take your first step of the professional training ladder. Once you complete Your Divemaster Training you will be a PADI professional after crafting your dive skills and dive theory knowledge to a professional level but why stop here? why not gain the pinnacle level of scuba instructor and open your employment options wide open?

IDC Pattaya Scuba Dive Instructor Training

We run 5 IDCs in Pattaya Each Year. Train to be a teaching PADI Dive Instructor! The most sought-after pro ranking of PADI scuba dive instructors opens wide the variety of work prospects with top-class dive skills and dive theory knowledge mastered to a level where teaching it will be easy. With our IDC dive instructor Internships, we will also train you to be an Emergency first response instructor to further expand your employment options.