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Pattaya Technical diving has grown a reputation world wide over the years, (TEC) is scuba divings extreme sport, taking experienced and qualified divers deeper and longer than recreational diving limits. You'll discover new equipment and training technique to manage the additional hazards this type of diving entails and skills to make you an elite scuba diver. Tec diving is not for everyone the PADI Tec Rec courses are where to start if your looking fot the next step beyond recreational scuba diving.

Technical Diving Pattaya Thailand

What Is TEC Pattaya Technical Diving?

TEC Pattaya Technical diving (sometimes referred to as Tec diving) is a type of scuba diving that we here at Pattaya Dive Center Specialise in. It trains divers to exceed the conventional depth and time limits. Now it’s important to say that TEC diving can involve more risk and potential dangers compared to recreational scuba diving. You need to train well be disciplined and expand your knowledge and equipment to meet the needs of this additional risk. It’s incredibly important to ensure the proper training is undertaken and correct required equipment prepared before diving beyond recreational limits.

So Why Do We Do It Then?

Aside from personal challenges we go deeper for longer to embark on the adventures of the deep. As TECH divers you have access to places that only a few limited people have being too and can go. You are on the forefront of discovery and adventure.

To Begin With Technical Diving Check Out These DSAT/PADI Technical Diving Course Links

Technical Dives One Tank Isnt Enough

TEC Pattaya Technical Diving Courses
TEC REC 40 Diver
TEC REC 45 Diver
TEC REC 50 Diver

TEC Trimix 65
TEC Trimix 90
Sidemount Diver
EANx Diver

Check Out Our Exclusive TEC Pattaya Technical Diving Department over at TECPATTAYA.COM

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