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Dive Trip Add On :: Deep Adventure Wreck Dive


Some of the best dives to be found in and around Pattaya are Wreck dives, however most of them are between 25m and 30m deep making them too deep for inexperienced divers (open water level divers.) Bring along your log book and open water license and if you have dived recently and are ready to take a step deep to explore a wreck this simple training add on is how you can do it.

IMPORTANT: This product is not a stand alone day trip in itself, its an additional add on option so must be booked together with a regular dive trip or dive package.

 If you’re inexperienced and have not being diving in quite some time and wish to make a deep wreck dive we ask you to make a refresher/check dive session before considering going deeper for your safety and enjoyment.

Please Add this option to a dive trip or package pay 1000THB to complete the upgrade Add On. Thank you.