Pattaya Whaleshark Encounters

Whale Shark Encounters Pattaya Dive Centre

We have Encountered Another Whale Shark!

Many scuba divers jet off around the world to various dive locations in hope of encountering a Whale Shark this migration season. Scuba diving in Pattaya is not usually on the Whale Shark Hot spot list, but could this change very soon?

pattaya whaleshark encounters samae san islandsFor second time inside of 2week Pattaya Divers have reported a Whale shark encounter. The peaceful and serene popular dive spot of Samae San, regularly visited by Pattaya Dive Center on Pattaya Dive Trips, already has a reputation locally, for crystal clear waters and thriving Sea life. There is no doubt, Samae San Dive sites are the best when the Pattaya dive season allows us to visit it, especially when compared to the other Pattaya dive sites in the area.

After a Thai video emerged online last week of a baby whale shark approaching a boat near to Pattaya in Samae san, The Pattaya Dive Center Team was especially excited since we visit here on a regular basis on our Samae San Boat, Sirens Of The Deep. Every day since that video when out online our scuba divers  have submerged in hope of a Whale shark Encounter!

Yesterday We got it!  Its the perfect dive trip, when a Whale shark emerges at the side of the boat and then stays, allowing divers and snorkelers to appreciate its glory as most scuba divers only ever dream of!



pattaya whaleshark encounters up closeWhale Shark Facts

The Whaleshark is the largest fish in the ocean, with the largest example recorded to be 12 meters or slightly more. Whale sharks have an enormous appetite but fortunately for divers their favorite meal is plankton! They swim around and with their enormous mouths gaped open, scoop feed on tiny plants and animals, along with any small fish that happen to be around.

How to Identify a Whaleshark?

It’s easy to Identify a Whale shark. They are HUGE! They have flattened heads and a blunted snout making for a squaring head shape than you may expect from a ‘Shark”. Its back and sides are gray to brownish with clear white spots among pale vertical and horizontal stripes, and its belly is clearly white. Its two dorsal fins are set towards the rear of its body, which ends in a large dual-lobbed caudal fin (or tail).

pattaya whaleshark encounters diving pattayaPattaya Whale Shark Population

Over the years Whales sharks have been seen here and there diving in Pattaya. But normally this isn’t a common occurrence by any means. Although generally sighted in warm waters, whale sharks populate all tropical seas. They migrate each year to the continental shelf of the central west coast of Australia visiting coastal regions of Thailand on the way as they go. The coral spawning of the area’s Ningaloo Reef provides the whale shark with an abundant supply of plankton.

There seems to be more and more Whale shark sighting occurring this year whilst diving near Pattaya in Samae San. Could this be a picture of the future to come? Can we expect more encountered soon or in the future seasons? We will have to wait but the Whale shark Buzz is here for the meantime so let’s enjoy it!

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